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Panasonic WV-BP144 Black & White CCTV Camera 24V AC

Panasonic Monochrome Camera WV-BP144 (24V AC)

  • 1/ 3-type CCD pick-up element with 510 (H) x 492 (V) pixels provides 380 lines of horizontal resolution.
  • Minimum illumination of 0.08 lx (0.008 fc) at F1.4
  • Advanced Electronic Light Control (ELC) allows for the use of fixed iris lenses such as Panasonic's WV-LF4R5C3A, WV-LF9C3A,
  • WV-LFY3C3, WV-LFY45C3 and WV-LFY9C3.
  • Selectable Back-Light Compensation feature.
  • WV-BP140 and WV-BP144: Line-lock or Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2)
  • WV-BP142: Internal or Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2)
  • Selectable auto iris control from a video signal or DC control signal.
  • Accepts C-and CS-mount lenses.
  • WV-BP140 Camera Series are, WV-BP140; 120V AC, 60 Hz, WV-BP142; 12V DC, WV-BP144; 24V AC, 60 Hz

The WV-BP140, WV-BP142 & WV-BP144 replaces the WV-BP130, WV-BP132 & WV-BP134 Panasonic security cameras. The camera features an Automatic Gain Control (ACG) circuit to provide clear images in low light conditions. This security camera delivers a usable black-and-white picture at a scene illumination of 0.08 lux at f/1.4. It has modes for back light compensation or normal lighting. The camera synchronization is via VD2 (vertical drive) lock over a single coaxial cable provided by the Matrix System 500, 850 and Multiplexer System 400 or data multiplex unit WJ-MP404, as manufactured by Panasonic. VD2 lock provides roll-free picture during systems operation switching. The scanning system is 2:1 interlaced. Power source is 120VAC, 24VAC or 12VDC depending on model. Lens not included

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"B" stock category, with 90 days full warranty. The lens is not included.